About Apostle KC Sparks

As founder and Pastor of The Miracle Place International Church in Chicago, Illinois, and the driving force behind the Apostolic Prophetic Fellowship of Churches, Apostle K.C. Sparks has helped numerous individuals by providing centers that offer services including an HIV awareness program, family counseling and development resources, and literary help centers. At his organizations, he instituted a community program that provides food and clothing for children. To date, Apostle K.C. Sparks has established organizations in Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Norfolk, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Through Apostle K.C. Sparks’ global ministries, he has also helped the underserved and created strategic partnerships to help meet the needs of rural children through providing them with basic school items and information technology. He also has helped those in Ghana by donating food to orphanages and churches and providing medical supplies to local hospitals. In addition, he acted as a key figure in the opening of water wells in the country to provide citizens with clean water. Apostle K.C. Sparks has provided Africans on the Ivory Coast with valuable medical supplies to battle HIV, AIDS, meningitis, tuberculosis, and malaria. With the support of local churches and nongovernment organizations, Apostle K.C. Sparks has also worked to improve educational resources in Africa.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Apostle K.C. Sparks began speaking in tongues at the age of eight. At age 12, he preached his first sermon, and at 18, he became an elder in the Church of God in Christ. Since that time, he has traveled the world to deliver his message, and he has ministered to well-known figures including Chris Tucker, Tiny Lister, and Angela Bassett.

Apostle K.C. Sparks resides in Chicago and he is currently pursuing his Doctor of Divinity at the Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He regularly travels the world to deliver his message and has spoken in front of audiences of more than 50,000. Apostle K.C. Sparks founded the International Fellowship of Churches, a group that includes his Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ministry. His other professional pursuits include an upcoming television show on the Word Network called This is Your Day of Deliverance!, which will reach nearly 60 million homes in locations including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

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